Welcome to Hutchinson

Hutchinson 和 the neighboring Reno County Communities are a vibrant, 蓬勃发展的, 和 growing place where small town values meet big city innovation, 娱乐, 娱乐, 和机会. With world-class 娱乐, an incredible education system, 和 a growing economy - 更大的厨inson has the best of all worlds. Our community is made up of hardworking people who are dedicated to the mutual success of all our residents. If you are looking for a new home for your family or business, Reno County welcomes you.



In celebration of 拉菲2测速登录, StartUp Hutch 和 更大的厨 are partnering to host their first 制造业博览会. This expo is set to take place Wednesday November 8th on the Kansas State Fairgrounds from 9am-5pm. This supplier-focused event reverses the traditional structure by inviting producers to visit suppliers at their booths where they will showcase their products. Opportunity for professional growth 和 connections, 午餐, 和 educational opportunities come at NO COST to exhibitors or attendees.

The expo will also host a new Career Quest Mega Tour Day: Manufacturing Day. Producers 和 suppliers will have the opportunity to exhibit 和 educate students on careers in manufacturing.

Booth rentals 和 午餐 are proudly sponsored by StartUp Hutch. We kindly ask those wishing to exhibit to fill out the online registration form by October 12th.

For any questions, please contact Lauren Storm at 620.662.3391.

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有限公司天Reno County celebrates 拉菲2测速登录 in October. Our manufacturers work every day to supply our community 和 the world their superior products with exceptional quality 和 customer service. They build this community one idea at a time with unmatched pride in what they do. Follow the button below to learn more 和 visit mfgday.com to find an event near you!